The Wine School of Tenuta Torciano along with the Pierluigiontour Wine School – hosts out-of-the-ordinary tasting events for all types of food, wine lovers.

Our experience includes everything from speaking engagements at major festivals to nonprofit fundraising to corporate networking events.

After ten successful years, we’ve earned a reputation for providing an unparalleled level of wine and food knowledge in a fun, easy-to-understand manner.

When you schedule an event with the Wine School of Tenuta Torciano, you are enlisting the services of a sommelier-instructor to guide you through a tasting.

Our staff is made up of the top wine educators on Tuscany.

A passion for wine education, exceptional people skills, and extensive wine knowledge are the hallmarks of our sommelier-instructors. Private events may be held either on-site or at a venue of your choosing.

We pride ourselves the ability to craft a tailor-made event for each of our unique clients.

Creative and flexible by trade, we can customize anything to meet your needs, also private personal labels on Torciano's wine bottle to celebrate Anniversary Charms like Happy Birthday, In Love, Zodiac Signs, Birthstones, Christmas-Eve and Weddings.  

Why learn about Italian Wine?

If you are new to the study of wine — or simply new to the Wine School of Tenuta Torciano — this class is for you. Here, you will experience each of the Wine School’s hallmarks: dispelling industry rumors, banishing popular wine myths, and delivering information in an easy-to-understand manner. Developed by a Pierluigi Giachi winemaker and honed over a 13° generation of winemakers, it represents a singular view of wine education. Allow us to share it with you!

The idea behind “Wine School by Tenuta Torciano : An Intro to Wine” is a deceptively simple one: an introductory class on the 8 most important wine grapes. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s one of the hallmarks of the Wine School of Tenuta Torciano: to take something seemingly elementary and turn it into a brilliant and captivating experience.

The Secret Wine School by Tenuta Torciano:

The secret sauce is in our sommelier-instructors, who are the very soul of the Wine School. There are only a few hundred people in Tuscany that are truly gifted teachers. There are only a few dozen people in town that have a deep knowledge of wine. How many people are both great teachers and brilliant sommeliers?

Very few. How many of them are also unpretentious and have a great sense of humor? That number is shrinkingly microscopic, but that is okay: They are all recruited to teach for the Wine School. In the end, only the best of the best are allowed to teach the Wine School of Tenuta Torciano. It’s a rite of passage for both our students and instructors.

Is Wine School by Tenuta Torciano for You?

Even if you are a wine connoisseur, you should consider taking this class. Consider this an immunization against a deadly bout of wine snobbery. Even if the information in class is old hat to you, you will still learn a great deal about the school, our philosophy, and our teaching techniques. There is a reason why the founders and administrators of other wine and culinary schools have taken classes at the Wine School by Tenuta Torciano. It’s the same reasons everyone benefits from attending our classes in tuscany in the winery and in the world.

Italian Wine School Tasting
We adapt our famous “Pierluigiontour” tasting class into a private tasting for you and your guests
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Italian Corked & Forked
Tasting A very special food and wine pairing event. Our chef creates a stellar menu and one of our sommeliers leads you on a culinary adventure.

Pierluigi Premier Cru Tasting
Enjoy the a wine event at your home or office. We bring the Wine School experience to you with our most offering.

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1. In no way, we will ask you to pay. This private event is completely free.

2. We will send you the free samples of wines and oils from Tenuta Torciano Winery to be used during our Italian Wine School Event.

3. We need to know the number of people participating in your Italian Wine School Event.

4. Every guest in the event will need to have a seat

5. Every guest in the event will need to have a plate with some Tuscan Salami, Cheeses and lot of bread!

6. Every guest to have two Biggest Glass then it is possible

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